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Notices – Indian Radiological and Imaging Association(IRIA)




All the Emeritus and Life Members of IRIA

Sub: Notice of Requisition General Body meeting of IRIA

Dear Esteemed Member,

Greetings from IRIA HQ!

IRIA HQ has received a requisition from some members vide their letter dated 22nd November 2018 and wished IRIA to convene the Requisition General Body Meeting and specified the following business to be transacted at the meeting.

“To deliberate upon and pass a censure motion against Dr. Kunnumal Mohanan, President, IRIA for violating constitutional provisions for conducting elections to various posts of IRIA, ICRI, and IJRI and interfering in the election process unconstitutionally, which resulted in non-declaration of elections results despite the declaration of vote tally by the Election Officer.”

Therefore, a requisition General Body meeting has been convened on 14th January 2019 at 03.30 PM at IMA House, Behind Nehru Stadium, Kochi.

You are requested to kindly attend the meeting and oblige.

Please note that no TA/DA/accommodation shall be provided by IRIA for this meeting.

Thanking you,

Yours sincerely,
(Dr. C. Amarnath)
Secretary-General, IRIA

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Dear Members,

The applications are hereby invited for IRIA International Travel Fellowship Grant for international conferences as mentioned and as per criteria as given below.

1 100% of shortest Economy class airfare, up to max. Rs. 25,000/, to six persons each for
attending ECR, ICR, AOCR, RSNA, KCR, and CSR whose Oral Paper is accepted.

2 IRIA Central Office shall communicate clear guidelines and rules and regulations to all members
of IRIA about this information to apply for above conferences through IRIA Website and News


1. As decided in the GBM held at Mumbai, the IRIA International Travel Fellowship Grant
shall be given for oral paper presentation only to the Life Member/Provisional Life
Members who are under 40 years of age as on 1st January of the year of applying for the grant.

2. Residents must be Provisional LM of IRIA with at least one year of membership as per Central
HQs records.

3. Members should apply through the specified form available in IRIA News Bulletin and website on or
before the specified date to the IRIA office through Regd. A.D. with due acknowledgment.

4. Selection should be very transparent, preferably by a lottery system taken during a CCM, if
there are more than 6 candidates for each fellowship.

5. The grant amount can be reimbursed after submitting the original used Air Ticket, Boarding
Card, a copy of participation certificate of the applied Conference to the IRIA HQs by the member.

6. Once selected, the particular member is not eligible to apply for the same or any other international conference for the next 4 years.


1. Certification by the HoD with the seal of the Institution in the same form is mandatory for the

2. Write full name as written in the passport and the same name should appear in the air-ticket.

3. Incomplete application forms will not be accepted.

4. Acknowledgment of receipt of application form does not necessarily mean selection for the grant.
Selection will be purely by a lottery system.

5. Enclosures:

a. Copy of acceptance letter issued by the conference organizers

b. Passport size photograph

6. Application form and enclosures should be sent to the following at IRIA office address by Registered AD post/courier service.

Dr. C. Amarnath
Secretary General
Indian Radiological & Imaging Association
IRIA House, C-5, Qutab Institutional Area
New Delhi-110016

NOTE: Last date of submission of an application for
‘IRIA International Travel Fellowship Grant
for ECR 2019 is 13th January 2019.

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The final list of Candidates after the last date of withdrawal

President-Elect, IRIA 2019

1. Dr. Chidambaranathan N. (Chennai)
2. Dr. Patkar Deepak (Mumbai)

Vice Presidents, IRIA 2019

1. Dr. Antony Amel (Kochi)
2. Dr. Dave Asutosh (Ahmedabad)
3. Dr. Mahesh Pankaj (Haldwani)
4. Dr. Parekh Viral (Kolkata)

Secretary General, IRIA (2019-2020)

1. Dr. Ramesh D. (Chennai)
2. Dr. Sharma Akhilesh (Kanpur)
3. Dr. Singh Rajeev (Jaipur)
4. Dr. Sodani R.K. (Indore)
5. Dr. Tayade Prakash (Korba)

Editor-in-Chief, IJRI (2019-2021)

1. Dr. Kohli Anirudh (Mumbai)
2. Dr. Sharma Raju (New Delhi)

Chairman, ICRI (2019-2020)

1. Dr. Rahalkar M.D. (Pune)
2. Dr. Sinha Pragati (Patna)
3. Dr. Upreti Lalendra (Delhi)

Member of Governing Body of ICRI (2019-2020)

1. Dr. Chander Ramesh (Amritsar)
2. Dr. Kadiyala Silpa (Vijayawada)
3. Dr. Kumar Atin (New Delhi)
4. Dr. Mahesha B.M. (Mysore)
5. Dr. Peter S. Babu (Chennai)
6. Dr. Saxena Akshay Kumar (Chandigarh)
7. Dr. Singh Paramdeep (Ludhiana)
8. Dr. Sureka Binit (Jodhpur)
9. Dr. Thukral C.L. (Amritsar)

Dr. Deepak Mehta and Dr. Kushaljit Singh Sodhi elected unopposed as Vice Chairman, ICRI

Dr. Shailesh Lunawat elected unopposed as Secretary, ICRI

Dr. Biren H. Saraswati elected unopposed as Hon. Treasurer, ICRI

Dr. Pushpraj Bhatele
Election Officer, IRIA

To All the Eligible Voters of IRIA

Dear All,

Kindly be apprised that the last date for submitting a secret question for e-voting or asking for physical ballot paper has been EXTENDED.

It stands now like 17:00 Hours of 10th September 2018.

Kindly take benefit of this extension and update your Secret Question or opt for a physical ballot paper, which will enable you to vote in this election.

Dr. Pushpraj Bhatele
Election Officer IRIA 2018

IRIA West Bengal State Chapter
5th-7th October 2018

Venue: Hotel Hyatt Regency

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Recipients of IRIA International Travel Fellowship Grant for KCR 2018

  • 75LM/HP-52B
    Dr. Rohit Bhoil
  • 293LM/H-93
    Dr. Abhishek Jha
  • 1328LM/D-547B
    Dr. Shankhneel Singh
  • 673LM/UP-399B
    Dr. Jitender Singh
  • 466PLM/TN-420
    Dr. Mohammad Zuber
  • 686LM/KAR-450
    Dr. Akhil M. Kulkarni

Notification for Orations, Awards, and Fellowships of IRIA, IJRI, and ICRI in 2018

Please see the attachment file.

Dear Members,

The Hon’ble Supreme Court of India in its interim order has stayed the judgment of Delhi High Court dated 17th February 2016 passed in W.P. (C) No. 6968 of 2011.

The interim Stay Orders issued by Hon’ble Supreme Court of India are attached herewith for your kind information.

With regards,

Yours sincerely,

Dr. Mohanan K. Dr. C. Amarnath
President Secretary General

Indian Radiological & Imaging Association

File containing the model code of conduct is attached.

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Dear Members,

The information received from AERB regarding Advisory on the proper use of TLD badge and Safe Work practice in Diagnostic Radiology is attached herewith.


Dear Members,

The Standard Operating Guidelines for District Appropriate Authorities w.r.t. PC & PNDT Act as published by the Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, Govt. of India in collaboration with the United Nations Populations Fund. Members can refer these to the District Appropriate Authorities in case of any harassment under PC & PNDT Act.

Yours sincerely,

Dr. Bhupendra Ahuja Dr. C. Amarnath
President Secretary General

Please see the attachment

Direct Members to be transferred to State Chapters after their retirement

In the last GBM held at Kochi, it has been decided that the membership of retired Direct Members would be transferred to the respective state chapter, where he/she has settled permanently within one year of his/her retirement. The seniority of the member would be maintained.

The State Chapter Presidents and Secretaries are requested to kindly note the same and do the needful to the Direct Members as decided.

Duties of President and Secretary of State Chapter and Constitution of State chapters of IRIA

It has been decided in the CCM and GBM held at Bhubaneswar and Jaipur that duties of President and Secretary of state chapters of IRIA must be incorporated in the Rules and Bye-Laws of the constitution of all the state/UT chapters after getting approved in their GBM. The last date of sending the copy of the amended constitution after incorporating this amendment has been extended up to 31st March 2017. If the IRIA HQ does not receive the same by the due date then the state/UT chapter shall not be represented in CCM till its state/UT chapter constitution is received. Those state chapters who do not have their own constitution then the Model Constitution for the State Chapter prepared by the IRIA HQ will prevail.

The following duties of President and Secretary of the State/UT chapter shall be incorporated in the rules and bye-laws of the constitution of all the State/UT chapters of IRIA.

1. Intimate the members about the events/activities or important information about the activities of the state chapter and IRIA HQ.

2. Solve the problems of members related to PNDT, AERB, Trade etc.

3. Collect mailing data of members including mobile numbers and email id and send to IRIA HQ for updating the records of membership.

4. To check the status of Provisional Life Membership of the state chapter and ask those Provisional Life members to send a self-attested copy of their PG degree/diploma to IRIA HQ to convert their membership to Life Membership.

5. To conduct the election of the office-bearers in the state chapter in time as per constitution of IRIA and intimate the results of newly elected office bearers to all the members of the state chapter.

All the State Chapter Presidents and Secretaries are, therefore, requested to kindly incorporate the duties of President and Secretary as mentioned above in the Rules and Bye-laws of the constitution of their respective state/UT chapter, get it approved by the General Body of the state/UT chapter and then send to IRIA HQ on or before 31st March 2017, failing which the state chapter shall not be represented in CCM. Please note that those state chapters who do not have their own constitution then the Model Bye-Laws for the State/UT Chapter prepared by IRIA HQ will prevail.

As decided in the CCM held at Bhubaneswar, the Membership Form must accompany a copy of State Medical Council Registration, failing which the membership shall not be given. In addition to this, the Provisional Life Members must submit a declaration from their Head of Department that they are pursuing their PG degree/diploma in that department.

In reference to Whatsapp Group and other social media being managed by few members as Group Admins who are misusing the name, logo of IRIA and State Radiologists in their Whatsapp groups and other social media is not allowed as per constitution of IRIA. As per constitution of the association, only reigning office bearers of the association can use the name and logo of the association for official purposes. No other unauthorized member of the association can use the name and logo of the association.

Therefore, in the GBM held at Jaipur, it was resolved that if any unauthorized member who is not an office bearer in state/center found misusing the name, the logo of the association and State Radiologists in Whatsapp group or other social media, the action shall be taken as per constitution of the association.

As decided in the new CCM held at Bhubaneswar, the Provisional Life Membership shall be for a maximum period of six years. The Provisional Life Members (PLM) shall be asked to send the certified copy of their PG degree/diploma along with State Medical Council registration certificate so that their Provisional Life Membership is converted to Life Membership. Otherwise, it would be presumed that they have not been able to complete their PG degree/diploma in six years and their provisional membership will be terminated after a reminder. All the State chapter Presidents and Secretaries are requested to kindly note the same.

As decided in the GBM held at Kochi, the annual Student Membership has been abolished.

All the State Chapters of IRIA must register with the Registrar of Societies in the state and section 12A of Income Tax Act. They are also required to obtain necessary 80(G), PAN and TAN registrations from the Income Tax Dept. All state chapter Presidents and Secretaries are requested to give urgent attention to this issue. State chapters which are not registered cannot bid for the Annual Conference as per constitution of the Association.

All the registered State Chapters must submit (i) audited accounts as on 31st March, (ii) Annual Report of the State Chapter, (iii) Amendments passed in the GBM, and (iv) list of office bearers to the office of Registrar of Societies in the state, where the state chapter is registered, within one month after the GBM of the state chapter, under intimation to IRIA HQ.

Quality Council of India is an autonomous body set up by the Government of India to establish and operate the National Accreditation Structure. National accreditation board for hospital & healthcare providers (NABH) a constituent board whose QCI is the apex body, established to improve the safety and quality of health care through organized delivery settings. It sets standards, evaluates and accredits healthcare organizations across the country against the set standards.

NABH is currently entrusted with quality oversight of an industry that affects the individuals most basic right to live, to carry out accreditation activity in the healthcare sector. Apart from Hospitals & Small Healthcare Organisations, NABH also offers accreditation for the AYUSH Hospitals, Wellness Centres, Blood Banks, PHCs/CHCs and OST centers.

NABH has recently launched Accreditation standards for Medical Imaging Services, with the goal to improve diagnostic accuracy and safety, as well as, enhancing the overall patient experience.

These set of standards, cover all Medical Imaging Services including conventional radiation-based diagnostic radiology as well as a wide variety of specialized techniques including Ultrasound scans, Doppler studies, Bone densitometry, CT, MRI, PET-CT, SPECT, Radionuclide imaging and therapy, Interventional procedures etc.; and also reflect the expectations of good imaging radiology and nuclear medicine services from the viewpoint of the service providers, that of patients; the referrers; as well as of safety regulatory bodies like AERB and PC-PNDT

We are glad to announce that awareness programmes for NABH Accreditation of Medical Imaging Services are going to be conducted all over the country in the next 6 months, beginning with our 1st programme on 22nd May 2010 at Mumbai. Your active participation and cooperation are highly valued and dissemination of this information to the members of your association through your hospital will be appreciated.

The Program fee is Rs 1000/- per participant

For further details please log on to our website www.qcin.org

Looking forward to your co-operation in this endeavor.
Warm regards

Dr. Zainab Zaidi
Assistant Director
National Accreditation Board for Hospitals and Healthcare Providers (NABH)
Quality Council of India
2nd for, Bahadur Shah Zafar Marg, New Delhi-2
email – zainab.nabh@qcin.org
Phone 91-11-23379321, 23379621

All the Members of Indian Radiological & Imaging Association,

Dear Members,

IRIA is now a body of more than 13,700 members and approx. 9,800 voters. We are in for electronic era and should move forward with time. In General Body meetings of IRIA held at Bhubaneswar, it has been decided that 100% e-voting should be started. To accomplish the same, we need to have e-mail ids and mobile Nos. of all the members and eligible voters.

You are, therefore, requested to fill the data form as given below so that not only our directory is made up to date, we can also start with 100% e-voting. More importantly, it will save the environment by avoiding the use of paper and save a lot of cost on the part of IRIA. Send this information at iria37@gmail.com

We sincerely solicit your cooperation in our endeavor to move forward.

Indian Radiological & Imaging Association

Data Drive Form for E-voting: Click Here

As per the constitution, each state chapter must conduct its annual election from December to March of every year and inform the Central Office, IRIA by 30th April every year along with the proceedings of the Election, failing which the state chapter would be debarred from the Central Council Membership. All the state chapter Secretaries are requested to do the needful as per the constitution.

The number of Central Council Members representing the state chapter is as follows:

State/UT Chapter Representatives as elected by the State/UT Chapter on the following scale – one Central Council member for first 25 members and thereafter for every 50 members one Central Council member, to a maximum of four.

All the State Chapters are requested to elect the Central Council Members accordingly.

Six Months Training in Ultrasonography to MBBS doctors/RMP

The Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Govt. of India has issued Gazette Notification dated 10th January 2014, relating to amendment of rule 3(3)(1)(b) of PC& PNDT Act to incorporate mandatory six months training in Ultrasonography to regularize training in Ultrasonography for MBBS Doctors. Members are requested to kindly appraise the Appropriate Authorities in this issue so that unauthorized training centers are stopped and so the quackery in the field of Radiology.

The Gazette Notification is available on website www.iria.in/pndt.php.

For more information, kindly see the Gazette Notification and get in touch with the Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, Govt of India.

All the Members of IRIA

Dear Colleagues,

Some private publisher (M/s Innovative Publication) who runs a Journal has been writing to all our members to write articles in it. In the beginning, it has started publishing International “Journal of Radiology & Imaging” which is abbreviated like our Journal “IJRI”. On our strong objection, the publisher changed its name to “International Journal of Diagnostic Radiology & Imaging”.

I would like to inform you that this is private Journal and IRIA has nothing to do with this. So please do not fall prey to these publishers. Their emails are nothing to do with Indian Journal of Radiology and Imaging i.e. IJRI our Journal.

In case of any doubts on this matter, please feel free to contact IRIA office on iria37@gmail.com

Beware from such unscrupulous people and Journals.

Thanking you,

Yours sincerely,
Dr. Pramod Loniker
Secretary General

All the members of Central Council of IRIA

Dear Colleagues,

AERB has the responsibility to promote the safe use of the equipment in order to minimize radiation hazard to the patient, operator, and members of the public. The AERB has approached IRIA to ask its members to obtain a license to operate X-ray/radiation applications. Like PNDT, it is also essential to register under AERB. You are, therefore, requested to kindly obtain necessary license from AERB. For more information on this matter, the link to the ELORA site of AERB is https://elora.aerb.gov.in/ELORA/populateLoginAction.htm.

This is a final reminder as AERB has started a crackdown on UNREGISTERED X-ray Clinics and hence please get your X-ray machines/OPG registered at earliest to avoid getting notice or clinic getting sealed.

You are further requested to kindly disseminate this information to all the members of your state chapter.

Please treat this as urgent.

With regards,

Yours sincerely,
Dr. Pramod Lonikar
Secretary General

Gazette Notification dated 28.01.2015 (attached)

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All the Members of IRIA

Dear Member,

Greetings from IRIA HQ!!

It has been decided in the Central Council and General Body meetings of IRIA held at Hotel Le Meridien, Kochi during the 68th Annual Conference of IRIA that the News Bulletin of IRIA which is published thrice a year would be sent to the members through the soft copy. Members who desire to have a hard copy of the News Bulletin would be sent on their request.

You are, therefore, requested to kindly let the undersigned know whether you would like to have a hard copy of the New Bulletin of IRIA to email id iria37@gmail.com. If I do not receive any reply from your side within two weeks of date of issue of this letter, it would be assumed that you do not require a hard copy of the News Bulletin and soft copy of the same shall be sent to you at your email id registered in the mailing data of IRIA HQ.


All the Emeritus and Life Members of IRIA are requested to kindly send their data along with their passport size photograph (Proforma attached).


Please see the attachment

Members are requested to avail the facility of air-conditioned Guest Rooms in IRIA House, C-5, Qutab Institutional Area, New Delhi, which includes breakfast, coffee/tea in the room, dish T.V. and high-speed internet connection.

Ordinary Room Tariff (Inclusive of Breakfast)

For Members: Rs 600/- per Room Extra Bed: Rs 100/-.

For Members Guests: Rs 1,000/- per Room Extra Bed: Rs 150/-.

For Govt./Tenant HCI Rs 1,200/- per Room Extra Bed: Rs 300/-.
sponsored Guests:

Deluxe Room Tariff (Inclusive of Breakfast)

Members: Rs 800/- per Room

Members Guests: Rs 1,500/- per Room Extra Bed: Rs 350/-

For Govt./Tenant/HCI Rs 2,000/- per Room Extra Bed: Rs 400/-
sponsored Guests:

For booking, kindly send your e-mail to: iria37@gmail.com

Dear Members,

The charter of services and their expected time of completion at IRIA HQ is attached herewith. In case of any delay in the services, you are requested to kindly contact the Secretary-General, IRIA.

Dr. O.P. Bansal
Secretary General
Indian Radiological & Imaging Association

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Join the BIR at the special member rate

Did you know that as a member of the IRIA you can take full advantage of being a member of the British Institute of Radiology for just 40 per year?

Read the BJR, join a special interest group, make savings on BIR, OUP and Wisepress publications, use free 3D human anatomy software. Visiting the UK? Get discounts on all BIR events.

Special discounts for members of the Indian Radiological and Imaging Association (IRIA)

Members of IRIA are warmly invited to join the British Institute of Radiology (BIR). The BIR is delighted to offer a special rate to all IRIA members of just 40, saving 65 on the full international membership fee.

Please see attached file


This scheme was started in April 2012, after the approval from General Body meeting held at Hyderabad. As on today, the total membership strength of Social Security Scheme is beyond 300 and rapidly increasing day by day.

We have paid a sum of Rs 1.5 lakh to the nominee of the member as a Death benefit (this was done in just two weeks. After his demise without any paper formality).

As you know that the Social Security Scheme is purely designed on brotherhood/sisterhood basis and we try to help the family members of IRIA on the event of the death of the member. Any Life Member of IRIA up to the age of 65 years residing in India is eligible to become a member of this Scheme. The growth of the scheme in just two years of its inception has proved that it was very much essential for our organization. It is very much beneficial to members and their family, especially at the time of untimely death of the member. Member will have to pay a one-time premium with enrolment fee depending upon his/her age. He/she has to pay small amount yearly as Annual Membership charges and Death Fraternity Contribution (DFC) depending upon a number of death of members in that year. The death benefit is given from interest & DFC collected from members of the Scheme. There is no other investment that will give you this much return and satisfaction of helping our own colleagues family in their difficult time.

We have a target of 500 membership before Cochin Conference. If we do so we will be able to give Rs 3.0 lacks to the nominee of members in case of his/her death.


Finally, I appeal all Life Members of IRIA to join this scheme which is very beneficial.



Yours sincerely,

Dr. Suresh Saboo
Chairman, Social Security Scheme of IRIA

Dear Members,

I am attaching herewith safety awareness and regulations of AERB to be observed by all the Radiology & Imaging Centers.

The link to the ELORA site of AERB is https://elora.aerb.gov.in/ELORA/populateLoginAction.htm

Members may directly contact the board if they have further queries.

With regards,

Yours sincerely,

Dr. O.P. Bansal
Secretary General

Please find attached herewith Gazette Notification regarding amended Form F.

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Stay Orders of Delhi High Court w.r.t. restriction to Radiologists visiting more than two places in a district.

Orders attached.

Court Order :19-09-12

Court Order :27-07-12

Court Order :23-07-12

Letter from GOI

Members are requested to kindly download the attachment file to read this article.

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Dear Colleagues,

It has been brought to my notice that one software company person is calling all doctors and selling his so-called set-top box like a machine at Rs 20,000/- for the portable machine by saying it has been legalized and is encouraging to do portable study !!

Please beware as his claims are totally wrong as portable Ultrasound is banned as per the PC & PNDT Act. Please read high court verdict properly – if you are caught with the machine at the unregistered place you will be in trouble for which only yourself shall be responsible. Please do not fall in the trap of such wrong illegal claims.

With best wishes and regards,

Yours sincerely,

Dr. O. P. Bansal
Secretary General

Dear Colleagues,

With great efforts & continuous perusal of MSBIRIA esp. Dr. Kishor Taori, Dr. Jignesh Thakker, Dr.Sanjeev Mani, Dr. Shailesh Kore with help from their colleagues in different parts of Maharashtra & with legal help of their legal advisor Adv. Miss. Anita Bhaktwani & media & various NGO’s finally health minister of Maharashtra gave a statement in the newspaper that silent observer/ silent tracker will not be installed in various parts of Maharashtra. We would like to thank all our colleagues who have helped us in this untiring fight.

-Dr. Jignesh Thakker
Secretary General

Dear Members,

Please find attached herewith MMC Credits for your kind information.

Dr. Jignesh Thakker
Secretary General, IRIA

Click Here

As per the constitution, and Life Member or any Annual Member with minimum 10 years continuous membership of the association and has attained the age of the 65 years, or has been retired from the active practice by reason of physical disability can be bestowed Emeritus Membership of the Association. Such members shall not be liable to pay a subscription but shall enjoy all the rights of a member. They shall have voting rights. No delegation fee will be charged from the Emeritus Members attending the Annual Conference of IRIA.

It has been decided in the CCM/GBM held at Jaipur that the senior members, who have crossed the age of 65 years, would be bestowed Emeritus Membership of the association periodically. The IRIA HQ shall contact such senior members and bestow emeritus membership after receiving confirmation.

Members are requested to kindly go through the attachments for their information on PC & PNDT issues.

PNDT FAQ for Public

PNDT FAQ for Medical Professions

PNDT FAQ for Implementing Bodies

Handbook on PNDT Act

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